Thursday, June 7, 2012

Julep Maven!

Wow, long time no blog! I'm back, though with a very special post that might just make you very happy! If you're reading this today (June 7), you have a one-up on my YouTube audience - pat yourself on the back for that, you snazzy thing, you! 

I want to tell you lovely people about a little subscription service for your naily bits called Julep. I came across this service while perusing the YouTubes one day and I thought "Meh, it's just another one of those 'give us all of your money and here's some junk' services. Buh-bye!" But I did come across a coupon code to get an introductory box for just one penny, so I went ahead and caved in and became a Maven.

It took less than a week for my box to arrive! I ordered it around 11PM Saturday night and received it today, Thursday. It came in a very classic black box that simply had "Julep Maven" printed on the side.

I won't lie - I was excited to receive this box. I took the style quiz at the start of sign-up and it told me I was "Boho Glam." Except I'm not. So the exciting part of this was, I didn't have to be stuck with "Boho Glam" for the rest of my life! I was able to look through all of the intro boxes and choose which box was right for me, which was "It Girl." The colors were more fun and vibrant, and downside - it was the only box with three polishes.

When my box arrived, I opened it to see two cards; a welcome to Julep card and a summary of my box. Underneath those cards was something every girl wants to see: cute, frilly packaging!

My polishes were wrapped in bubble wrap, inside a pink gift bag, which was tied by a black ribbon to two orange and white toe dividers. Precious! I was super impressed by the fact that the polishes were wrapped so carefully in bubble wrap and they weren't broken or leaking.

I'm sure by now you're thinking,"OK when is she going to show us the colors that she got?! That's the only reason I'm here!" Calm down! Calm down! 

The first color - the one I was most excited for - is Jessica, which is a gorgeous Robin's egg blue cream shade. All of their polishes have women's names. That's actually kind of cute! But there isn't a Hayley shade... Julep!

The next color I got in my box is Brooke. I'm a little bit disappointed by this color, considering how excited I was to get it. I was expecting a very opaque, glittery purple to use as an accent color to Jessica. Instead it's a very thin, verrryyy sheer polish - although I'd call it a topcoat - with no real glitter to it, just a little shimmer.

The final shade in the box is Mandy, which is described as a fresh, bright coral pink. I didn't really see that in this polish to be 100% honest. All I saw was a very pinky red. To me, a coral color has a lot of orange in it, which this did not. It's still really pretty, though!

All of the shades together.
(L-R: Mandy, Jessica, Brooke)

Thank you as always for viewing or reading or whatever exactly it is that you do! 
Please subscribe and stay tuned on my YouTube channel for not only my full review of these polishes and the service, but four (4) coupon codes to get crazy deals on these boxes!


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