Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holy White Teeth, Batman!

On Friday, I received a package from Influenster, containing what I was told would be a "premium oral aesthetics" product. Now of course, being as big on teeth whitening or improving as I am, I was all for it. Normally from what I've seen on YouTube with Influenster boxes, you get mainly samples, occasionally a full sized product, but not always. That's what I was expecting when I saw the box sitting on the window outside of my living room. I picked it up and it seemed really light, so I figured there really was only one product in the box, which was fine. It was my very first box from Influenster, so I was just happy to receive one!
Of course, being the 4-year-old child that I am, I had to shake the box like a gift on Christmas morning to try to figure out what it could be. It sounded like one product, a very small one, so I was a little afraid that it was going to be a sample sized tube of toothpaste. I was not expecting at all to find this inside the box:

What!? They had teamed up with Crest to send out a full sized kit of whitening strips! My mind was blown! I have been wanting to try Crest's white strips for years now, ever since they were first announced. This box retails for $49.99, which is not the kind of price I would pay for something I've never used or could have a negative reaction to. Yikes!

Needless to say, I popped a set of these bad boys on my teeth that same night and left them on for thirty minutes, as the directions say. When I pulled them off, I brushed my teeth to remove any of the leftover gel, and didn't see much change right away. However, about twenty minutes later, I walked into our living room to say hi to my mom and she told me my teeth looked so much whiter! I ran to the mirror to inspect, and sure enough, there was already a difference after one use! I'm so excited to already be seeing these results, and I'll be posting a video to my YouTube channel to let you all know how they're working for me.

I would like to end this post by thanking Crest and Influenster for this awesome gift, and the opportunity to try something out that I would normally never buy for myself. You have me in second thoughts about that!

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