Thursday, October 11, 2012

Earn Free Goodies!?

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to quickly write and let you know about a site that has been RE-LAUNCHED! It's called Influenster. On Influenster, you can earn badges, badges lead you to points, and points lead you to... That's right, a box of free goodies, baby! They've completely re-vamped their site and made it so much more user-friendly and now you can actually see how well you're doing in each badge.
If you sign up on, you'll also notice that you can write reviews for products, games, food, even cat & dog food that you've tried out. Don't hold back, either! They want your honest opinion.
I love what they've done with the site and now I feel so much more motivated to get those badges up to 100 points! It's like a competition with myself and I have to win!

I hope you'll go sign up or at least look around the site.
Happy point-earning!

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