Thursday, August 16, 2012

NOTD: Minty Fresh

Today I'm wearing Sinful Colors' "Mint Apple" on my nails. As you can see by the wall behind my hand in this photo, I've been maybe overly obsessing about mint lately. I was on the hunt for the perfect mint shade and thought I'd give this a shot. It's about 4 shades darker than what I was looking for, so this was a "settling" purchase, as I couldn't find the shade I really wanted.
However; I really do enjoy this polish, more than I had originally thought I would. Considering how ungodly pale I am year-round, I think this color compliments my skin tone almost as well as a plain black polish does, but it also adds a little "girl" factor with the light tone and subtle shimmer.
One thing I love about this polish is how quickly a thin coat of it dries - you can get a whole manicure done much faster than if you were to certain other polishes... I won't name names!
One thing I dislike about this polish is that it is so thin. It feels as if you'd need several coats to get an opaque color (the nails in this photo took 2), but looks are deceiving. 

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